St Charles Bridge Prague
St Charles Bridge Prague

Czech Republic is a very developed and extremely nice country in the Central Europe. It was one of the 10 most developed countries in the world before the period of the Second World War, and the only mid-European country with a democratic government until 1938.

There is lots of rich architecture throughout the country, but the majority can be found in the capital city of Prague. Most of the country is covered with forests, hills and mountains. It could also be called land of beer (famous Pilsener got its name after city Plzen and Budweiser from city Budweis), puppetry, marionettes and ice hockey.
Rich environment brought also a gift of more than 900 thermal springs! There are mountains all around the country making it look like a beautiful scene for a magical story. And if you are going to start discovering Czech beautiful castles (around 2000 of them), it is possible you will never ever leave the country again. It’s your choice.
Political and economic influence on Czech always arrived from all sides. The western and more developed side, where Austria and Germany are, also brought religion hundreds of years ago. Eastern countries are Poland (which actually lies on the north) and of course Slovakia too, once the sister, both being part of state called Czechoslovakian republic. Czech is hilly and mountainous, only around 20 percent of the county is flat. But hills aren’t so high, only few rising over 1.500 meters above the sea level. With around 10 million of inhabitants, this is not one of biggest countries in Europe but also far from being very small.
The communist era, which started after the end of the Second World War, left more bad consequences on the country then the wrath of the Second World War. Despite those upsetting events, Czech today is known as one of the most peaceful countries in Europe. Looking back at Czech history, it is one of the oldest democratic countries. Because of Czech beauty, it thrives by tourism. Many museums and outstanding pieces of art in the form of architecture leave people coming back for more. This is also evident in the fact that it is one of the most popular countries in Europe besides England, France, Rome and others.


Czech isn’t just another beautiful European country, it is a gateway, a glimpse into the ancient world of culture, history and art. To best describe Czech is to just say it’s an experience everybody should taste once in their lives. A combinations of nature, old traditions, amazing beer and cuisine, exciting sports and so much castles, chateau’s to see is a trip into the Heart of Eastern Europe.


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