Image of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland

Adored by all

Sitting amidst three volcanic hills, Edinburgh is one of the most adored European cities. The city is only about 70 kilometers from Glasgow, another city worth checking out if you are in Scotland.
The city is made up from Old and New part, both very attractive because of different architectural styles and rich history behind them. Ancient narrow walkways and old buildings create a medieval atmosphere in the Old Town while beautiful gardens couples with elegant buildings and huge boulevards can be seen in the New Town.

Photo of Holyrood Park
Holyrood Park in Edinburgh

Explore Edinburgh

The city is best explored by foot because you will be able to find many beautiful gardens and parks, but regardless how you decide to travel, there is plenty of amazing sights to see. Going back into Edinburgh’s past is possible if you visit some of its fine museums like the Museum of Scotland, showing many exhibitions regarding Scotland’s heritage.
Probably the greatest attracting of the city is the Edinburgh Castle. Rising high on a hill this 800 year old castle defended Scotland from English invaders. The castle is like one huge museum and you can see many things like the Crown Room, ancient treasures of oldest crown jewels in Europe.
The New Town is a whole different story. It is rich with classicist architecture that takes you hundreds of years into the past. The New Town is also under UNESCO World Heritage list because of its beauty and a huge collection of remarkable buildings. A great experience is to take a walk through Charlotte Square, truly a masterpiece of Scottish engineering or visit the Georgian House where you can see how people lived in the 18th century.

Image of the National Monument of Scotland
National Monument of Scotland

Have some fun

There are also some very fun places to visit in Edinburgh like the Our Dynamic Earth, an exhibition show built in a futuristic-looking dome. Here you can see how planet earth has changed through millions of years or see how earthquakes affect the landscape. It is a great experience for visitors of any age but mostly families. Royal Yacht Britannia is another interesting place to spend some time. It is an anchored ship in the bay of Leith, showing the lifestyle of the royal British family.
Edinburgh is one of the best places to start exploring Scotland and the nearby cities of Livingston, Glasgow and others. A cultural city filled with fun and sightseeing will leave no traveler bored, Edinburgh is a must if you are visiting the United Kingdom.

Photo of Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Attractions: Royal Yacht Britannia, Grassmarket, Underground Edinburgh, Our Dynamic Earth, Palace of Holyroodhouse, People’s Story, St Giles Cathedral, Scottish Parliament,