Situated in the far north of Europe, Finland is also known as the “land of the thousand lakes”, but in reality it has more than 180.000 of them.  Not much is known about prehistoric Finland but the items uncovered share many similarities of those found in Estonia, Norway and Russia.

Finland capital city Helsinki and cathedral

Finland will reward you with many activities if you are here during the summer months. There is literally an outburst of festivals, concerts, exhibitions and people are just full of optimism and generosity. It’s a great time to go on a lake cruise or exploring nature. This is also because the summers are rather short lasting and everybody tries to make the most of it.

Most famous animals of Finland

Winter on the other hand is something special to experience in Finland. The huge parks and lakes become covered in snow and many opportunities for skiing arise. You can also heat up by using one of the 2 million saunas that Finland is known for to warm up your winter stay.

Fantastic passenger cruising ship entering the port of Helsinki

You can’t come to Finland and miss one of their many cities that are all vibrant in color and holding much cultural heritage. From all the smaller towns to bigger cities and its capital Helsinki there is much too see, learn and have an experience of a lifetime. While Finland’s cities offer some amazing cutting-edge buildings, impressive architecture, great museums and much more, there is also some interesting holidays beginning to pop up and showing the forward thinking of people. One of them is the International Day for Failure, starting on October 13th it is primarily meant for people to share their experiences of failures in life and learn from them.

Idilic city of Turku in Finland

Finland is also a great place for families with safe cities and many places to find adventure like the Angry Birds Adventure Park in Tampere. It is also a place of northern reindeer and Santa Claus who has the official seat in the city Rovaniemmi where many people write to express their wishes.

Winter weather in Rovaniemi in Finland, city of Santa

Finland is crazy about sports. However football isn’t as popular as in United Kingdom or Spain, but what truly shines here is ice hockey. Their national team have twice won the World Championship, first in 1995 and later in 2011, a huge achievement indeed. Finland has always held a strong contending position in skiing among the Nordic. Very popular is also rally events and Formula One. There are also many Grand Prix motorcycle events organized.

Rovanieni, one of the biggest cities in Finland

Finland is a place where you can find inspiration at every corner, not just the amazing cities but also nature. In Finland it is easy to get lost in the excitement of seeing new things. It is also great that tourists are welcomed by most of the people, that surely is a big plus. But what must be noted is that Finland can be very expensive at certain things, so make sure you plan ahead and you don’t get caught off guard while trying to buy something for yourself.



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