Frank Sinatra

Black and white photo of Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra

Always in the spotlight during 40s and 50s due to his numerous hit songs that accompanied some of the biggest films, Frank Sinatra is known for some of his legendary hits like “New York, New York and “Love and Marriage”. He is known for selling just under 200 million records globally.

Coming from Hoboken, New Jersey, Frank was inspired by Bing Crosby, one of the biggest stars of music and film in the 20th century. Frank has, since he was in highschool performed in the glee club which later lead him to perform locally in many places like nightclubs.

Frank Sinatra rises to glory

While Frank sang at local nightclubs where his performance was soon played on the radio. Frank found a job as a singing-waiter at a restaurant called The Rustic Cabin. This was his lucky break as the restaurant had connections with the WNEW radio which lead Frank to perform live at the Dance Parade show.This caught the attention of a man named Harry James, an American jazz musician that was famous for playing the trumpet and together they made Franks first recording.


Together, they made their their first record with the included hit “All or Nothing at All”. Later, Frank was offered the opportunity to join Tommy Dorsey’s band. The band was a huge inspiration for Sinatra was when he was growing up. Sinatra was in the band for two years where he learned a lot about singing techniques, but left after two years to pursuit his own solo career.

Frank Sinatra on the the big screen

1943 was the year Frank appeared on TV with two movies: Reveille with Beverly and Higher and Higher. This gave Frank the opportunity to meet many famous musicians like Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Bob Crosby and others. One of his greatest achievements came 2 years later when in the movie The House I Live In, a 10 minute long movie starring Frank Sinatra in the main role. The movie was made to oppose the violence after the Second World War. Frank was awarded  with a special Academy Award and the movie received a special Golden Globe Award the following year.

60’s as Franks best decade

After his decline in success shortly after World War 2 ended, Frank was struggling to find his way back on top. The mid 60’s proved to be his best years as he was topping the charts again and even received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in and was the head of Newport Jazz Festival that was musically accompanied by Count Basie and his orchestra in 1965.

The following years Frank spent in Las Vegas and became something of an attraction at the Caesars Palace. Frank was the creator behind the famous “Rat Pack” as they became famous actors who made several hits on the big screens. These movies included the famous Ocean’s Eleven and Sergeants Three and also the legendary Four for Texas and Robin and the Seven Hoods.

But despite Franks involvement with movies, he hasn’t strayed far from the music scene and has recorded a number one hit song called “Strangers in the Night” for which he received a Grammy award as the best song of 1966.

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