Freddie Mercury


An icon we all remember

Freddy Mercury is one of those musicians that left such a legacy of great songs in the music business that we still keep talking and hearing about him to this day. But despite that most of us remember him as the lead singer of the infamous group called the Queen, his first band he performed in was called the Hectics.

Freddys early start

Born in 1946 in today’s Tanzania, Freddy Mercury’s original name was Farrokh Bulsara as his parents were from Mombai, India. As he spent most of his early years studying piano in India he at only the age of 12, established his first school band the Hectics. When he was in his 20s, Freddie Mercury moved to London with his family where a decade later he put together the legendary band we remember today as Queen.

The uprise of Queen

1973 is the year Queen was born and with their first album reached a record amount of people in the UK and USA. Freddy composed the legendary “Bohemian Rhapsody” piece that is considered one of the greatest contributions to music of all time. The following years the band continued to impress the hearts of millions more with songs like “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Another One Bites the Dust”. Of course we cant forget to mention the song called “Under Pressure”, one of the greatest songs of 80s that was a colloberation between Queen and David Bowie.

A Great Man, A Great Band

Freddy Mercury definitely made one of the greatest contribution to music, but his efforts for good go far beyond that. The year 1985 was one of the most memorable moments for Queen when they performed live at the Live Aid Charity in Wembley Stadium, London. The event was organised by the famous humanitarian, activist and musician from Ireland Bob Geldof .The highlight of the concert was when the walls of the stadium became alive as peopled started to sing along to one of their greatest hits “We Will Rock You”. This was considered one of the best performances of all times.

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