Image of Danube River and Busapest

Legendary Budapest Budapest is another great city on the Dunave river. Geographically it is positioned on an excellent place. After the unification of 3 different cities, Buda and Obuda on one side of the river and Pest on the other side, Budapest became a city in 1873 and is today a capital of Hungary. City is hosting almost 2 millions of inhabitants and is the economical hub of the region. Hungarian architecture to droll over Most of really fascinating architecture sites are in the center of the city and can…

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Hungary is landlocked country in the Central Europe, settled in 9th century by Magyars. Most known lake Balaton is one of the largest lakes in Europe and mighty Danube river flows just through the heart of state which was known as Panonia in time of Roman empire. When reign of Matyas Corvinus came in 15th century, Hungary became the greatest monarchy in Central Europe. After first world war Hungary lost two thirds of it’s territory and much more then half of it’s population. Today it has around 10 millions of…

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