Saint Petersburg

Image of Saint Petersburg at night time

Beautiful and vast St. Petersburg This is an amazing city, once knows as Leningrad but regained back its old name St Petersburg in the year 1991, after the Soviet Union has been dissolved. This city is surely the pearl of Russia, city of beauty, in many aspects much greater then the capital of Moscow. This great city was built as a port on the Baltic sea, only in the year 1703, so it’s just about 300 years old, which makes it very young in comparison to many other historic valued…

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Image of Novosibirsk from sky

Novosibirsk – from a small village to a huge city Located in the southern part of Central Russia, Novosibirsk is a huge city that can compare to Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Saint Petersburg. The city isn’t that old as its only about a little over 100 years old and before that it was just a village. A later new railway system was constructed linking the city to Asia which increased city importance significantly. Visiting Novosibirsk in the summer is pleasant. The weather at this time is mostly warm, but in the…

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Image of the architecture of Sochi

Amazing climate One of the few places in Russia that can thank itself for having subtropical climate, Sochi is truly a special place. It is located in the east coast of the black sea, and the city is exactly what it sounds like; a sort of a summer capital of Russia. Sochi holds a little over 400.000 inhabitants and has over 4 millions visits each year. Many famous celebrities like Bono have visited visited this place and its easy to understand why it is so loved among foreigners and locals. Hot summer…

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Image of Yekaterinburg

Between Asia and Europe One of the cities of Russia that can compare itself (by size) to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other major cities. The city is found in a midway point between Asia and Europe, a feat that Yekaterinburg is very well known for. Even a monument has been built on the very spot. There you can walk between the Asian and European border by foot. Yekaterinburg isn’t just another big city, it is a huge educational, cultural and financial pillar of Russia. It features several dozen museums with…

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Image of Moscow city

One of the Biggest A city with a history that spans almost 900 years ago to this day, Moscow is a Russian icon and one of the most important cities in the world. The city sits in the far west of Russia about 400 kilometers from the Baltic countries Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and others. The city with its 11 million people is one of the top 20 biggest in the world such as Bangkok or Mexico City. It is not secret that Moscow is the hub of politics, education and…

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It’s hard to talk about big countries of the world and not mention Russia, the biggest one of them all. If you would glue United States and Australia together then it would be roughly as big as Russia. Home to about 145 million people it consists of 1/8 of earth’s surface. Interestingly enough, Russia shares its borders with more countries than any other place China, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia are just some of them. Make sure you set your watch right before heading to Russia because it stretched across…

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