Photo of the city of Toronto, Canada

Scarcely populated but immensely beautiful Found in the northern region of North America, Canada ranks as the 4th biggest country by land in the world. Canada is roughly the same size as North America, but only has about 35 million inhabitants while North American population exceeds 316 million people. This gives us the idea of how scarcely populated Canada really is, but at the same time it’s nature is incredibly diverse. Mountains, deserts and rainforests, Canada has it all Canada’s landscape ranges from the the beautiful Rocky Mountains to vast…

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Photo of historic city of Guanajuato

A glace into wonderful Mexico Landlocked between United States and Guatemala, Mexico is a place of many tales, adventures and rich legacy. It shorelines includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, totaling over 3800 kilometers of shoreline. Open up to new experiences It is said that if you visit Mexico you have to be alert to all your senses. So much beautiful culture, pyramids, sights and more cannot be just seen, it has to be experienced in the deepest way possible. This becomes evident fast if you visit…

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New York by night

Times Square in New York city, USA

New York can be a dream destination Did you ever dreamed about visiting USA? If you did, one of the best destinations is surely New York City! City with millions of inhabitants and so many events each day, that tourist should not miss. Top sites you should not miss: Wall Street Manhattan Statue of Liberty Broadway Empire State Building Times Square When you’re done, you can get a great lunch or dinner in hundreds of restaurants or a beer in local pub. New York mentions New York was also mentioned…

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