Is Australia something special? Of course it is! It’s a state, but believe it or not a continent as well. You thought Russia is the biggest country? Well you’re right! But Australia is still huge! So huge it’s the world’s sixth largest country! Australia can be compared by size to United States or Brazil.


Australia is mostly populated around the coastline and so every major city has its own port. I bet that makes you think ” Well, there isn’t any shortage of beaches then!”, and you would be right! Sydney is the capital of the country and wow what a city that is! Actually all the Australian cities are beautiful, but even more so with its great climate and welcoming spirit.

Sydney Australia, Milsons point
Sydney Australia, Milsons point

Now it’s time for a little history lesson of Australia. Bear with me :). Well, have you ever heard about the Aboriginal settlers? They arrived to the country some 40.000 years ago. Pretty amazing right? Later in 1770 the first Europeans started to explore Australia and it was then proclaimed as a British territory. It was only then discovered, that it had vast amounts of natural resources and first factories were soon built.

Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide, Australia

It’s not easy to “discover” Australia, because you have to decide what do you want to see first. If you would like to check out the famous Australian hopping animals, huh, what are they again? Oh, right! Kangaroos! Well if you would like to see some then it shouldn’t be a problem because it has many national wildlife reserves. The biggest one is Scotia Sanctuary which is as big as France. Animals are cool, right? Well, surfing is too!

Pelicans on Australia beach

If you are in Australia you have to scope out all the beaches it offers and maybe if you are brave enough catch a 30 foot wave! Your friends will love it! Queens town is another amazing city of Australia and features one of the coolest parks, called The Ginger Factory. You can take train rides, eat great food and kids can build castles in the many sandboxes in the park! This is just a small taste of everything you can experience in Australia.

Sydney opera by night, travel Australia

Think you got what it takes to handle all Australia has to offer from great cuisine, family fun, sports and amazing hotels? Well if you decide to visit you will get to experience all of that so travel Australia and explore it on your own!

Koala, Australia
Koala, Australia

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