beep-game2Inactivity drivers creativity

And that’s exactly what the motivation behind the creation of the game was. Beep is a 2D platformer (old school, yeah!) where you play as a small robot who explores alien worlds.

Beep was released in march 3rd in 2011 by a studio called Big Fat Alien for both Windows and Linux. Set in the not so distant future, you, as BEEP, must navigate alien planets and find gold because it does advance your robot and gives you special abilities.

New world, new opportunity

You start off in a solar system controling a ship that is full of BEEP’s and after finishing one planet, you can travel to another one that is somewhat different then the previous one. All of the planets have gold that you have to collect in order to process to the end of the map. It also unlocks new planets and when the robot is lost (like when you fall into an endless pit) a new one is deployed at a checkpoint (wish old NES sistems had that).


The game totals in 24 different levels over a few planets, but when playing BEEP you dont just drive around observing and collecting the gold (well you kinda do), but you must use your anti-gravity device to overcome obstacles.

Adventure needs action

Yeah sure seeing other planets is great, but each level gets more demanding and there are also enemies you have to deal with. Luckily BEEP’s come equipped with their own pee-shooter to deal away with enemy robots (Huh, enemy robots on alien worlds? Why not?). There aren’t a lot of them, but you will have to use your smarts to overcome them.


The anti-gravity device is probably you best tool because on many occasions there will be boulders, piles of wood and junk obstructing your path. This is where anti-gravity comes very much in handy. You will need to be ready to navigate, ice, desert and swamps with you BEEP and that means jumping, swimming, climbing and using the environment to reach the end of the map.


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