Cities Skyline

Cities Skylines is a game where you take the role of the grand architect and construct your very own city from the ground up. The game was developed by Colosal Order, a software company located in Tampere Finland.


From scratch build an awesome city

In Cities Skylines you start with a blank canvas, or better yet an empty map. This is great as you can do anything you want. Build an industrial city, a financial center, an entertainment city or combine the three and see where that takes you. The trick is that its easy to start, but as your city grows and becomes more advanced, more problems arise. It is incredible fun to solve these problems and watch your creation grow.

A living, breathing city

Once you get on and make the city grow you have to take care of the infrastructure. Problems like fires, crime, pollution…etc are always a threat, but there is one more element that makes Cities Skyline so much more then just another builder game. And that element is the people living in the city.

People are a part of the city too

Sure you will have enough work making things run smooth like traffic and garbage disposal services, but the real thing that keeps the city breathing are its inhabitants. Your people like to live well, have fun, breath and work in a clean environment, but they also get old and die. This is where you have to step in and take care of your people to keep them happy.

Its a game that will test your organization skills and creative imagination. If you want to give it a go its available at your local PC games or online store.

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