Dirt 3


One of the best rally racing games out there, Dirt 3 is a must-have for anyone who loves racing with cars. Created by the legendary Codemasters Software Company from a sleepy town in Southam, Warwickshire in England, Dirt 3 is a one of a kind game that doesnt try to compete with anyone, but just is what it is – a pure rally experience – one of the best actually.

More dirt more fun

More cars, more tracks and more dirt is what we can expect in Dirt 3. The feeling when you are speeding down a gravel road, rock and mud flying in your windshield and your co-driver tell you what to expect at the next turn is unforgettable. The damage models are also incredible as are the sounds, but the real king is the feeling of speed. All these elements combines Dirt 3 is one of the best rally games out there.

More then just a rally game

Boasting over 50 rally machines that you can test in the worlds most recognised tracks. Hit the mud, gravel and dirt in EU, Africa, USA and take you car to the streets of Tokyo for an epic showdown of the fastest.

Drive legends like Subaru Impreza WRX STI 1995, Mitshubishi Lancer Evolution X, BMW M3 Rally and many more on tracks that will test your wits. The award-winning EGO engine poweres the game for ultra-smooth and high-detailed gameplay even on lower end machines.

Not just about speed

You will have to master not only speed and cornering, but every detail of your understanding on vehicles will be put to test in the Gymkhana, where the know-how of how your can handles on different terrains will come into play. Technicality and patience will be rewarded as you will speed around, over, under and through obstacles that will win you points. So get ready to sit in your favorite rally car, start the engine and see where the road takes you in Dirt 3.

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