Experience the Best in Island Cres

Port, Island Cres

Island Cres is an untouched gem out of all the islands of Croatia. It might be among the largest islands but it remains to be one of the least developed, with its rugged wilderness serving as the home to 3,000 full time human residents and 80 breeding pairs of rare griffon vultures.  Tramuntana, the island’s northern half, is lush with dense oak, chestnut, hornbeam, and elk forests. This is the main cruising terrain of the protected griffon vultures. You can get the chance to see the giant birds with your…

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Coastal town of Dubrovnik

Found in the far southeast coast of Croatia and only about 45 kilometers from Montenegro, Dubrovnik is one of the few cities on earth that has this magical old charm about it from medieval times. Dubrovnik was one of the most promising cities in old times and with its skilled diplomats and thriving economy could rival other major cities like Venice. The city also had a huge role in developing Croatian culture because many famous poets, sculptors and scientists all come from Dubrovnik.

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Photo of Zagreb Cathedral

Capital of Balkan Peninsula Zagreb is one of the most important capital cities on the Balkan Peninsula. It’s the capital city of Croatia and also its economical, political and cultural center. It’s split up on its Upper part, where most government buildings stand together with administration and its Lower part with museums, parks and markets. Zagreb loves sports For surely it is also a city of sports. Here, top-notch football, basketball and handball players have their own clubs, but in the last years there is also a fast growing hockey…

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Aerial photo of Split, Croatia

Sunny capital A pearl of Dalmatia region in southeastern Croatia, Split is an extremely popular resort city. Split was build around the Diocletian Palace, a UNESCO world heritage location, for a Roman emperor that went by the name of Diocletian. Split is known to be very sunny because it has over 220 days of sun each year. This has earned it the nickname “The Mediterranean Flower” and many people come here for the ultimate beach experience. Bring your family and your friends Split is a great place to experience Croatia’s…

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