Aerial photo of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is adored by all Sitting amidst three volcanic hills, Edinburgh is one of the most adored European cities. The city is only about 70 kilometers from Glasgow which is another city worth checking out if you are in Scotland. Edinburgh is made up from Old and New part, both very attractive because of different architectural styles. There are many history secrets you can learn in both parts of the town. These are ancient narrow walkways and old buildings that create a medieval atmosphere in the Old Town, on the…

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Photo of Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre

One of the biggest Scottish cities Glasgow is the second largest city in Scotland and home to about 600.000 inhabitants. Most people came familiar with the city through its London based BBC radio network, the only network speaking Scottish language. Everybody can find something to like and enjoy in Glasgow. The city has many impressive buildings to show in Victorian architectural style, so its a wonder to explore. One of these marvels is the City Hall, about 150 years of age is one of the prime examples of Victorian era…

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One of the biggest three cities in Scotland next to Edinburgh and Glasgow, Aberdeen offers a wide variety of things to do and see. First of all the city is located on the east coast of Scotland and is about 170 kilometers north of the border with United Kingdom. Aberdeen is also know by some of its nicknames like “Silver City” and “Grey City” because of its large granite mining industry. However more recently it also goes by the name of “Oil Capital of Europe” due to the large oil…

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