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Sequel to the legendary racing game Race Driver: GRID. Grid 2 was made and published by Codemasters, a software company that is located in Warwickshire, England. Codemasters are known for some of their legendary games such as DIRT 3, DIRT Rally, GRID Autosport and many others.

Grid 2 stands out as one of the best high-octane racing games that takes driving to a whole new level. The game features new and improved EGO engine, the engine that powers DIRT 3 and is one of the best looking racing experiences you can have at home.

Take your machine on worlds most famous licensed racing locations in Okutama, Miami, Paris, Barcelona, Indianapolis, Dubai, Hong Kong and many others. Racing has a whole new depth with Grids 2 True Feel Handling system, a technology developed to give the player the most joyous experience of racing. You will be able to feel everything; every curve, bump, drag, and weight of the car.

Racing in three continents will give you plenty of options to test your skills against a very intelligent AI, and you can, at any time, go online and race with players from all over the world. Or you can always invite your friend for a local race and play in split-screen mode for some laughs. The game features an online campaign that is similar to the offline one but it provides real-world opponents. Racing never felt so sweet.

You can climb the ladders of motorsport by driving over 40 iconic cars that defined the racing scene. From the legendary American Muscle cars, Japanese street legends and European supercars. Race Immersion Technology makes sure every aspect of GRID 2 feels like a sensation and there will be many “WOW!” moments before you play through the end of the race.

If you are a petrol-head and even if not, GRID 2 will take you on a adventure across three continents in some of the worlds most beautiful locations. So sit in your favorite car, close the doors and immerse yourself in this jaw-dropping racing game.

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