ibb & obb

We all love to hang out with our friends and maybe go on a adventure or two, but sometimes things like bad weather or chores wont allow that. This is where ibb & obb come in. An indie game that saw the day of light in 2014 from the two-man studio Sparpweed from Rotterdam in Netherlands and Codeglue, a studio specializing in indie games which is also located in Netherlands.

A game for best friends

Ibb and obb is a game that challenges you to find solutions to puzzles while you cooperate with your partner. Sometimes you have to jump on their head to reach a higher ledge and they have to find an alternate way. You can grasp the idea if you watch the trailer below

ibb & obb cover art

Share with your best friend

Sitting alone on the couch can be a bit boring unless you fall asleep right away, but if you roll a game like ibb & obb on the TV it can quickly become an adventure you can share with your favorite people.

Its a great change of pace from the usually popular speedy games. Here just have some laughs with your friend and enjoy the puzzles that are easy on the mind.

ibb & obb in your living room

The game can be enjoyed on multiple machines and those include the PC, PS3, Mac and Linux. The soundtrack was composed by Kettel, a very talented musician from  Netherlands and consists of varm and playful electronic melodies.

So take an hour or two to try out this game with someone dear and let the adventure begin.

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