Kerbal Space Program

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in NASA? Kerbal Space Program is just that kind of game where you can be a chief engineer at a space station. We shouldn’t forget to mention with the newest update you can travel onto foreign planets, build bases there and capture asteroids.

Kerbal Space Program was developed by Squad, an indie gaming company located in Mexico City, Mexico.The game first saw the day of light in 2011 as an alpha release, but has since been released as version 1.0 in 2015.


Kerbal Space Program brings us closer to the know-how of science of engineering a space craft that can fly.  Players have a huge disposal of parts available to start creating a machine that can (hopefully) fly into space and come back in one piece. You also have pre-designed vehicles ready which you can take apart to see how they work or upgrade them to your liking.

You have the option of three game modes at your disposal: sandbox, a game mode where you can build whatever you want and fly anywhere you please; Science Mode, a mode that lets you conduct new experiments that advances the technology tree; and Career mode, a mode where you have to control the whole space station from recruiting new members, completing contracts, gaining reputation and much more.

Kerbals in space
Kerbals in space

The latest update for the game adds asteroids to the game, and you can capture them! This update was completed with the help of NASA themselves. The update also added the option to mine planets and construct bases on other worlds. All of this is backed up by a huge mod community which enrich the game and give it endless fun.

The game is available on the PC and PlayStation 4, and there are plans to release it on Xbox One and Wii U in the future.

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