Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange box cover

What if every choice you do in game would affect the next moment? What if you decisions would have consequences and you couldn’t just speed through the game without leaving a heavy impact on every game character? To all those who ask, yes, Life Is Strange is exactly that kind of game.

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, a small studio based in Paris, France consisting of industry professionals who are trying to make a new take on gaming with projects like Remember Me and Vampyr.

A game like no other

Life Is Strange is a game where you play as a teenage girl called Max Claufield, a shy art student who is about to set herself on an adventure of her life. The game consists of 5 episodes and the story and its outcome is heavily influenced by the player and the choices they make. The story is told in a iconic town of Arcadia Bay, but soon it takes a darker approach as it uncovers the unsettling events of a fellow student who has disappeared.

Max is forever changed by the events at her art school one day. She meets Chloe in the girls bathroom and is a witness to her being shot. In shock Max realizes that she has the power to rewind time and eventually saves her friend.


This makes Max question the reality of things and it gets even more confusing as she starts to get get vivid dreams as to why she has this power to control time and space. Not long after she tries to change the outcome of events that she doesn’t like, she learns that changing the past can have a large impact on the future.

Life is strange is a unique and beautiful game that plays almost like reading a book, but with the bonus that you can reread pages and try to change the outcome. Try this highly recommended game and see where your story and your decisions take you.

Life is strange is avaliable for PC, XBox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.


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