New York

Statue of Liberty, French gift for USA citizens

New York, one of the most seductive cities in the world, offers an intoxicating mix of concert halls, creative restaurants, and lively nightlife. Although that is only the beginning of a world of possibilities that encompasses avant-garde haute couture, backlit Broadway stages and jazz clubs open at dawn. All dreams come true in the Big Apple.

Best time to visit New York

Spring and summer is excellent for outdoor activities thanks to its pleasant weather while in autumn and winter it is ideal for nostalgic travelers and lovers of shopping since in this season the color change of the leaves of trees, the snow and the discounts of the shops at Christmas and New Year, make anyone fall in love.

USA, New York city with high buildings
New York bridge for pedstrians.

Book Hotels in New York at time

Start by researching on the Internet the area in which you would like to stay. Manhattan is one of the favorites for travelers since the attractions of the city are very close and you can often reach them walking. Once you have found the ideal area for you, compare rates for hotels in New York. If you find a good price and it is possible to book, do it!

Manhattan, New York in USA
Street on Manhattan, New York

How to get discounts at restaurants in New York?

Attending a theater show on Broadway does not have to cost you hundreds of dollars. Each year, the art scene of the Big Apple celebrates the NYC Off-Broadway Week, a week (in January and September) where some theaters in New York offer 2 × 1 tickets, that is, a discount of up to 50%. Also twice a year (January-February and July-August) the NYC Restaurant Week takes place in which a large number of restaurants (approximately 350) that offer discounts on three-course menus participate. The perfect match to have fun on Broadway and go out to dinner!

New York restaurant Mandarin
One of many great restaurants in New York

Tourist passes for Big Apple

The Big Apple as the NY city is often called has four official tourist passes. This kind of coupon book gives you access to different museums and attractions in New York with which you can escape the huge lines to buy tickets and save up to 50% in total, all you have to do is present it directly at the entrance of the place you want to visit. All include tourist attractions such as the Empire State Observatory, the Met, the American Museum of Natural History, the 9/11 Memorial and the cruises to the famous Statue of Liberty. Some include tourist guide in your language and they are perfect if you are looking for the most iconic sites in the city.

Best things to do in New York

To spend a good time in the Big Apple is not always necessary to spend. Enjoy a walk through Central Park and follow the path of his sculptures until you reach the John Lennon memorial in an area called Strawberry Fields. In some occasions, the outdoor cinema is also carried out a totally free cinema function. You can also tour the famous 5th Avenue, the windows are always amazing.

The High Line is an elevated public park built on an old railway line on the streets of western Manhattan, where you can see the creations of local artists, listen to music or enjoy a free tour.

Finally, you can check the Free in NYC guide, there you will find the best free activities in New York and it includes events, museums, tours, attractions, among others.

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