South Africa

Photo of Table Mountains

Experience Africa South Africa, the beautiful big sized country, lies on the south tip of the Africa continent. The country position, it’s size and terrain relief are giving it various landscapes from semi-deserted to mountainous, to subtropical parts or ordinary forest. A blend of world cultures The amazing variety of South Africa has it’s roots in first colonizers, which arrived from Portugal, Germany, Holland, France and Britain, along witht them bringing labours force from Madagascar and Indonesia. Later more workers arrived, many from India, so the culture mix is really…

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A place of culture Holland or the Netherlands, is the country located in the western part of Europe landlocked by Germany to the east and Belgium to the south and the North Sea to the north. The distance between Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, is only 360 kilometres from the London city, the capital of England. More internationally known as Holland, the country is a well known place for many people trying to relax in a more pristine environment without the hustle and bustle of many overpopulated countries. Walking down the…

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Grid 2

Sequel to the legendary racing game Race Driver: GRID. Grid 2 was made and published by Codemasters, a software company that is located in Warwickshire, England. Codemasters are known for some of their legendary games such as DIRT 3, DIRT Rally, GRID Autosport and many others. Grid 2 stands out as one of the best high-octane racing games that takes driving to a whole new level. The game features new and improved EGO engine, the engine that powers DIRT 3 and is one of the best looking racing experiences you can…

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Rockets for Soyuz in Kazakhstan

A beautiful and mystical country, placed in Central Asia, bordered by Russia, Mongolia and China. Kazakhstan amazes any visitor with its rich history of culture and tradition. First of all what must be said is that Kazakhstan is huge, so much that it’s about 5 times bigger than France and holds the 9th place of largest countries of the world, the first three being United States, Canada and Russia. Big and beautiful If we look from the eastern direction, Kazakhstan starts with its two great mountains; Tian Shai and Altai,…

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A country with a strong past Located in the most western part of Europe and landlocked by Spain to the east and the great Atlantic Ocean to the west. About 1300 kilometres from its shore, the group of islands of the Azores and Madeira also falls under Portugal republic. Portugal is one of those countries with a very vibrant past as many nations have fought over it for nearly all of its existence, and its understandable why. Although small Portugal is a place of stunning views, exquisite nature and simple yet…

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Prince of Persia 2008

What if there was a game that could take you inside a beautiful story where you could explore a once epic empire which was torn apart by evil, and only you could save it? Prince of Persia gives life to that concept but it’s so much more then just a story – it’s a game that everyone should play. A Prince who became the hero A tale told in the times of Persian mythology but all by coincidence, or if one believes in fate…destiny. In this epic tale you play as…

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Beyoncé Knowles

One of the most talented artists in our time, Beyoncé Knowles is known for her amazing vocals and incredible live performances. We all remember when Beyoncé first caught our attention as the lead singer of the famous group Destiny’s Child. Later she went= on on her to own to establish herself as one of the most popular female stars ever. Beyoncé was born in Texas in 1981 and was since an early age dancing and singing at different competitions. She won the crowds over as a child with her creative singing…

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Hagia Sophia

A country with the history of the 3 continents Sitting on the gateway between Europe and Asia, Turkey is famous for its beautiful architecture and culture. Turkey’s history goes back thousands of years and it sits between the closest point of the three great continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. There are many legendary stories from the old civilizations that once inhabited turkey like the Hitties and the largely known Ottoman Empire. This makes Turkey one of the most diverse locations in Asia and one of the top destinations for anyone who…

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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is perhaps best known as being part of the very popular group Destinys Child that sweped the world with their numerous hit singles and top notch live performance. Kelly was born in Atlanta in 1981, and during her childhood was inspired by Whitney Houston. Just like her idol, Whitney sand at a church choir, but at the age of 7 she and her mother relocated to Houston due to domestic abuse from her father. She met the infamous pop star in Houston, Beyonce and her parents who provided for…

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