Prince of Persia 2008

Prince of Persia 2008
Prince of Persia 2008

What if there was a game that could take you inside a beautiful story where you could explore a once epic empire which was torn apart by evil, and only you could save it? Prince of Persia gives life to that concept but it’s so much more then just a story – it’s a game that everyone should play.

A Prince who became the hero

A tale told in the times of Persian mythology but all by coincidence, or if one believes in fate…destiny. In this epic tale you play as the prince who found himself in between the battle of good and evil.

You find yourself wondering the desert while an unexpected situation stumbles your way and you must defend a damsel in distress which turns out to be a princess trying to protect the Tree of Life.

Her name is Elika and together you must fight the forces of darkness lead by the God of Evil and Destruction Ahriman. One your path you are assisted by the God of Light Ormazd, Ahrimans brother. But corruption, a dark and evil substance has taken over the once lively and bustling empire. The corruption poisons the earth and the Prince, together with the wise and ambiguous Elika must rid the earth of such evil.

But Elika isn’t just your partner for the game, she is a skillful magician who completes princes every move and can perform amazing combos when paired with his awesome sword skills.

The game is jam packed with beautiful acrobatics and breathtaking scenery that were always the flagship features of the series. This open world  adventure awaits anyone who is brave enough to venture into the unknown and discover their inner hero.

Prince of Persia 2008 is an old title, but if you manage to pick up a copy from Good Old Games for just a few dollars then you will be taking an on adventure of your life that you will not forget for years.


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