Rocket League

Rocket League cover art
Rocket League cover art

How cool would it be to control a car that is powered by a rocket engine and play soccer at the same time? Rocket League is just the game that is all about that.

Rocket League was developed by Psyonix, an American company residing in San Diego, California who specialize in use of the Unreal Engine.

Say whaaa?

Thats right in Rocket League you control a rocket powered car, and you play soccer. But best of it is that you play with your friends. You start off as 2 opposing teams trying to puss the ball in each others goal, and just like with the real world soccer the team which scores the highest amount of goals wins. Pretty simple right? But not quite. There are many elements to Rocket League besides just slamming your tiny car into the giant ball.

Your own vehicle for the game

Rocket League allows you to customize your own vehicle to your liking before entering an online match. There is literally millions of ways you can customize your wheels and you unlock new stuff as you compete in matches. The game rewards players all sorts of actions such as deflecting a ball from your court, passing the ball and much more. Players have the option to choose 1vs1 up to 4vs4 styles of match depending how crowded you want it to be.

The latest patch adds even more fun to the game in the form of mutators. This allows the host to turn down or turn up gravity or to make the ball bigger or smaller and much more. The game is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with future plan release for Mac and Linux.

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