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Where will you send next airplane?

So you need sunglasses and you don’t know where to find them? You need to get some milk back to your Airport in order to make next level products, but hey, you need to deliver stuff from Europe and where is that milk in Europe? Sweden? Romania? Spain?
Let us help you a bit. There are many web pages where you can find a nice little table of countries and in each of those, you will find particular objects, carried back to your airport with passenger plane – of course, it’s a randomly chosen, so you never know which of those three objects will arrive back to you.
Those three different souvenirs are giving you some in game bonuses (extra passengers and money) when you collect enough of them, while the main one (meat, cheese, wool, milk, etc.) will be transported with your cargo planes. Souvenirs don’t change, but cargo’s will change later in the game through your level progress. Use that table wisely and you will never send airplanes for nothing. Check carefully before you send them and you can complete your missions in no time, which will give you a nice rewards.

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