About Skyrama

What is Skyrama?

Skyrama is a airport management web browser game. It’s completely free to play, but if you wish to donate some money to the authors, you can buy some special but non-mandatory airplanes or airport buildings. They may look fancier, but most of the time you don’t really need them.


If you wish to see how developed airport looks like (on level 31), you can check this YouTube video (I suggest you turn off your speakers or headphones before you start video because of extremely annoying background sound). Note that it’s fast forwarded – things don’t really happen so fast in Skyrama – which is good, trust me.

In Skyrama you earn and use in-game currency, called AirCoins. Each of your planes that carries passengers from your airport to another earns you some. You can choose the destination randomly or intentionally (in-game guides will tell you more). Also you can earn AirCash which is premium currency. You need to pay real money in order to receive it, but as stated before you don’t really need it. Here and there you will receive some while ending some of the missions successfully – but not a lot.

Here and there, you will also receive some special “Skyrama cash” which you can earn or use only limited time for special buildings or airplanes. So this is how it goes. It looks easy and it is easy.


Additional things you learn while playing is how to promote yourself to the next level, how to earn experience, where and why do you need friends, how to deliver various products to the airport warehouses and how to produce different types of goods in different stores. Passengers that will depart and land on your airport will not only pay for the airplane tickets but also for those products, so you can earn much more money in the long term.


When searching for specific products, you will soon find out, that some countries have them and some don’t. You can find and remember those countries, make your own spreadsheet where you will type them in or use our tables for faster search.

Skyrama is fine and an addictive game for both children and adults. It’s very simple to start and you can stop playing and resume again at any time you want. No limits ever been noticed about that yet.

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