Image of the coastline in Lima, Peru

Lima is a five centuries old town that was founded in 1515 by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro. It is by far largest city in Peru and one of the largest in whole Latin American. It has around 8 millions inhabitants, which is over one quarter of whole country population. While Peru is the forth most populated country in South America, Lima is one of the biggest cities in this part of the continent.

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Machu Picchu

Image of a valley in Machu Picchu, Peru

This is the most amazing pearl of Inca’s kingdom, shown to the world only around 100 years ago. It was once a city with almost 1000 inhabitants, with a pretty big palace, few temples and other buildings. Today it is a tourist destination number 1 in Peru, part of the national park protected area and of course being on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1983.

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Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the world by size and with 200 millions of population also 6th biggest in this ranking. It is the most important country in Latin America and it lies on the eastern side of it, with 7.500 kilometers of coast line with Pacific Ocean.

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Love and color everywhere Sandwiched between Argentina to the east, Rio Grande do Sul to the north and hugged by the Atlantic Ocean to the south, Uruguay is a vibrant Latin America country. Uruguay has been for a long time a favorite country for many immigrants as it boasts rich nature, beautiful weather and plentiful beaches where you can take advantage of just that. Explore the wild uruguay Uruguay has been on the map since the 15th century when it was discovered by Spanish and has also been under their…

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A glance into the past Peru is an amazing tourist destination, where you can discover the knowledge and remains of and 8.000 years old civilization. The fantastic heritage of the Inca’s is the magnet for the millions visitors which want to meet in person their successors. But Peru is not only a story about Inca’s history. It is also an important South America’s country, full of high peaks in the Andes mountain range, almost 2.500 kilometers of coast on Pacific Ocean and other fascinating attractions made by mother nature like…

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Photo of Ecuadors capital city Quito

If you’re in love with the nature, biodiversity, UNESCO protected areas, national parks, endemic animal species and preserved historical towns, then Ecuador is one the best possible choices in the world of all. This mid-sized country, with around 15 million inhabitants, lies in the northwestern part of the South America. It shares the border with Peru on south and also on the east for around 1.400 kilometers and on the north with Colombia just around 600 kilometers. Ecuador has 2.200 kilometers of coastline on the western side of the country.…

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Costa Rica

Landlocked between Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, The Caribbean Sea to the northeast and the South Pacific Ocean to the South, Costa Rica is a beautiful South American country. Looking back over 500 years ago, Costa Rica (or in translation -Rich Coast) was discovered by the famous explorer from Spain, Christopher Columbus. The country has for many years been under the radar of travelers but for the last few decades Costa Rica is gaining much popularity. This is mostly due to the fact that nature here is…

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Bolivia looks pretty small on the map if you make a comparison to Brazil or Argentina but with its 1 million square kilometers, it climbs in the top 30 largest states in the world with ease. It is also larger then Egypt and much larger then Turkey. But the country lies in the area which was never heavily populated, so it has only around 10 million of inhabitants, which is the size of Greece or Belgium. Bolivia along with Paraguay, is the only landlocked country in South America. It can…

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You like animals? How about jaguars, flamingos, woodpeckers, crocodiles, monkeys, penguins, whales, capybaras and toucans all in one country? Of course, we’re talking about the great Argentina. Country well known for their great football and basketball players, one of the largest countries in the Latin America, X largest in the world but also a country with great natural places, extreme biodiversity and places of natural beauty mostly still being untouched and preserved for the future. Rich history of Argentina starts with first settlements that were raised long before Christ. Later…

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