Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker
Nintendo’s greatest legend

Today Nintendo is synonymous with one of the greatest legends in gaming history – Mario. Nintendo’s games have accompanied us since the 80’s and Mario is no exception. It brought us hundreds of hours of family fun and in 2015 a new Mario game was brought to us called Super Mario Maker.

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The game was published by the all-known Nintendo electronics and consumer company based in Japan, Kyoto and developed by Nintendo EAD.

A concept of what a boss battle could be like

Super Mario Maker is a game that allows you to create your own levels by just using the Nintendo WiiU pad. The visual style (photo above) can be chosen from previous Mario games and some elements are adjustable like physics, type of enemies and enemy artificial intelligence. The game comes with a manual that illustrates hundreds of ways to be creative and manipulate the game to your liking. Check out the awesome trailer below:

There’s just no other way to say it but the possibilities are boundless if you use your imagination. You can enlarge enemies by giving the mushrooms, make them come out of places like pipes and shoot out any object from the cannons Mario has to avoid.

When you finish creating your map you can put in online where other players can download it and try it out for themselves. But this option only becomes available when you play through your own map. If you don’t feel like making your own map just yet you can enter the 10 Mario Challenge, a set of courses that are pre-made and included with the game or if you feel up to it, try the 100 Mario challenge, a random selection of user created maps to play through.

Playing through the 100 Mario Challenger will unlock new costumes for Mario and you will be able to play like some of the famous Nintendo’s heroes like Kirby, Link and many others. This is the first Mario game where you can let your creative imagination run wild as you have an endless choice of maps you can just download or even better yet, make your own map and submit it for the world to try and crack.


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