Photo of the Eiffel Tower

Majestic and unspoiled Sharing borders with Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and also with the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea and the English Channel, France is one of the top and most diverse destinations in Europe. A peak into France France is famous for being one of the most prosperous economies in the world and has the population of just under 70 million people. The country has many off land territories such as the beautiful Reunion Islands in the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean Guadeloupe and that’s why…

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UEFA European Championship 2016 Qualifying

UEFA Euro 2016 France UEFA Euro 2016 final tournament in France is closing rapidly! Now the group phase is over and all games have been played. We got 9 winners and 9 runners up and all 18 will join tournament host France in the final event – that’s 19 national teams! We need 5 more. Turkey will join them, as being the best of all third placed teams in group phase. Other 8 national teams finishing the competition in third place, went in special draw and will play 2 more…

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