Tirana, Albania

About 20 percent of country population lives in Tirana. Albanian capital is pretty new city as it was founded in time after Ottoman rulers took over the Albania in 17th century. Tirana is only 30 kilometers inland from the warm Adriatic Sea which makes it an excellent point for developing business and tourism. Its position put it on the map in the beginning of the 20th century, when rulers from Italy decided to move capital of the Albania to this until then totally unimportant city.

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The Land of Eagles (Shqiperia) near Adriatic Sea was almost completely sealed for tourists until 1990. Now this country, bordering Adriatic Sea on the western side, has great potential for fast development. Smaller cities on the coastline are attractive for tourists but if you’re here on business then capital Tirana should be your top choice. Large part of the country also offers great mountains with highest peak mount Korab at 2.753 m.

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