Gifts for People Who Travel

Design and utility are the name of the game when looking for gifts for people who travel. It doesn’t matter if the recipient is a certified jetsetter or a self-proclaimed camper, the gift you should get must be something useful but also stylish at the same time.  Rounded up below are some of the best gift ideas that no travel aficionado can resist. 

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Experience the Best in Island Cres

Port, Island Cres

Island Cres is an untouched gem out of all the islands of Croatia. It might be among the largest islands but it remains to be one of the least developed, with its rugged wilderness serving as the home to 3,000 full time human residents and 80 breeding pairs of rare griffon vultures.  Tramuntana, the island’s northern half, is lush with dense oak, chestnut, hornbeam, and elk forests. This is the main cruising terrain of the protected griffon vultures. You can get the chance to see the giant birds with your…

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No country combines urban landscapes and outdoor activities as well as Austria. One day it is possible to be crowned on alpine peaks and the next day a walkthrough through imperial Vienna is possible. It is definitely worth doing a trip and enjoy a great adventure in this beautiful country, which is a center for philosophy and art. Located at the heart of the Central Europe, you can never deny the fact that Austria isn’t just a beautiful country, but it also takes pride from having gorgeous cities, rich history…

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Belle Mare

Image of Mauritious Mare and it's natural beauty

Belle Mare is another great place to enjoy your daily beach time. Water sports and also inland activities are available as anywhere else in Mauritius. Belle Mare lies on east coast of Mauritius main island, just on opposite side then the capital city of Port Louis and north from the international airport and is connected well with it via B28 road, going along the coast and through Bel Air.

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Karlovy Vary

Image of Karlovy Vary historic center in Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary has around 50.000 inhabitants, which means this is not one of the largest cities in Czech Republic. Still it is a very important tourist destination. This is a mecca for rich visitors, which are looking for some special spa treatments. Karlovy Vary are a known spa resort place in which aristocrats from central Europe, especially from Germany and Austria (in last years also more and more from Arab states and also Russia) are arriving for hundreds of years. The great architecture awaits you at almost every corner, especially…

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Image of the historic center in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is one of the most important Bulgarian cities. It’s position is somewhere in the central part on the south of the country, very close to Rhodope Mountains. In the ages, when Roman, Ottoman and Bulgarian rulers exchanged, it grew to over 330.000 population and therefore became second largest city in Bulgaria. With the entire collection of museums, religious buildings and ruins from ancient times, whole city is one big museum. And most amazingly this lively museum is about 6.000 years old!

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Italian town of Naples

Found just less than 200 kilometers from Italian capital Rome, Naples is one of the most rewarding cities to visit. The city’s name literally means “New City” in Ancient Greek language and this is so because it is one of the oldest cities in Italy. Its symbolic icon is the volcanic mountain Vesuvius. The city is literally cluttered with attractions which show us its amazing history and tradition. You have to understand that the Naples is very different to Rome or Genoa because it is a city of many sights. Some…

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Picture taken of Johannesburg in the distance.

While Pretoria, which lies a bit to the north from Johannesburg is a administrative center of South Africa, Johannesburg holds the reputation of being the country’s commercial center and also a financial capital. Not only in South Africa but also one of the most important financial centers in the world. The main city center is pretty compact but public transport isn’t very well developed. Tourist should be aware that exploring city with bikes or on foot is not very safe. Stay in groups, try to use guided tours if possible,…

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Image of the coastline in Lima, Peru

Lima is a five centuries old town that was founded in 1515 by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro. It is by far largest city in Peru and one of the largest in whole Latin American. It has around 8 millions inhabitants, which is over one quarter of whole country population. While Peru is the forth most populated country in South America, Lima is one of the biggest cities in this part of the continent.

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